Dave Grohl, Joshua Homme, Trent Reznor : ‘Mantra’

For the 2nd in our Guest Post series, we have Varun Duggirala ( @dailydement ) who ”runs a digital agency by day, dreams of being a trash novelist by night and listens to music through the entire process. From old school Rock to Minimal & IDM and even Bollywood, if it sounds good he’ll listen to it. If it makes him dance he’ll jump at it!”



I think we all need tracks that we can sink into – start off on the couch, eyes closed with the headphones on and just let it flow, let it rise and build till you jump up and just groove. This song is just that for me. It also holds true the sound I truly relate to especially when someone asks, “ What is your kind of song?” Just play it, shut your eyes and enjoy! (P.S. the fact that it includes 3 musicians who I consider amongst my musical heroes is just the cherry on top).




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