Tejas Menon : ‘Brave’

For the 2nd in our Guest Post series, we have Varun Duggirala ( @dailydement ) who ”runs a digital agency by day, dreams of being a trash novelist by night and listens to music through the entire process. From old school Rock to Minimal & IDM and even Bollywood, if it sounds good he’ll listen to it. If it makes him dance he’ll jump at it!”



Tejas Menon is an Indie artist I’ve grown to love for the sheer talent that resounds from his music and lyrics.  It’s simple, it’s unassuming and it’s got the depth you’d expect from a true singer/songwriter.  He gives us all hope that the purist style of music will not die ’cause of Justin Beiber!





(Available as a Free Download in the Soundcloud link above!)



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