Vieux Farka Touré – Wosoubour (Chris Annibell Remix)

For this week’s Guest Posts we have Hersh Kumbhani, who is, ”the co-founder of Trabblr, a social platform for travelers and locals to meet up and explore cities around the world together.  Travel and music have been an integral part of my life for a long time and I believe that each not only complements, but also heightens, the other.  For today’s guest post on Track Drops, I’m excited to share two songs that have made some of my travel experiences that much more special and memorable.”

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I listened to desert blues for the first time when I lived in New York in 2008.  I was really into the whole Indian electronica scene at the time and I discovered Vieux Farka Touré while looking for new music on the website of Six Degrees Records, the label of Karsh Kale and MIDIval Punditz.  From that day onwards, I was hooked.  A year later, I was walking back to my hostel from the Louvre in Paris when I heard music playing from the Hôtel de Ville or City Hall.  Intrigued, I walked over and saw the courtyard packed with Parisians and tourists smoking and drinking and dancing to music that sounded surprisingly familiar.  I soon found out that I had just walked into a live concert by Touré and his friends from Africa Express!  F*** the Louvre – this seven-hour gig was the highlight of France.










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