Kasper Bjorke : ‘Bohemian Soul’ [feat. Laid Back] (Adana Twins ‘On a Cloudy Day’ remix)

For this week’s Guest Posts we have Nik & Raj who have been “making music and DJing since 7 years now, though we’ve been in the Underground House scene since the late 90’s.  We’ve loved the Deep House sound for the longest time, and have been playing Deep House sounds in our sets since 5 years now, wanting people to dance to a lower BPM…and finally we’re seeing people understand it better.  When you go out dancing enjoy the sounds, explore new genres, and be cool!”

Follow Nik & Raj at :

Soundcloud : www.soundcloud.com/nikandraj

Twitter : @Nik_and_Raj

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/nikandraj/


This track is actually one of our top 5 tracks of 2013. It actually has not got so much recognition, but it’s worked like a charm for us when we’ve played it live. In fact it was the opening track to our ADE 2013 set when we performed at Cue Bar.





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