The Walking Who : With Roses

THIS WEEK’S GUEST POSTS by Paloma Monnappa:

Paloma is a “Music junkie/ Surfer/ World traveller/ Foodie/ / Model/ Actor/DJ.”

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You know that amazing feeling you get when you discover a REALLY great band? There’s nothing like it! That’s how I felt when i first heard this song by The Walking Who. I’m a sucker for rock and roll bands that have an old school vibe like the Black Keys, Temples & The War on Drugs. The Walking Who are yet another flawless addition to the Australian indie rock scene at the moment. They’ve been highly influenced by the Velvet Underground which is one of my favorite bands! The production on the track is faultless with just the right amount of rawness combined with genuine quality that you would want from an indie song. Also, check out “Have you seen the colours?” from their EP ‘Mansions’.






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