Nicholson & Fuzzy Logic : ‘Give Up the Ghost’ (Radiohead cover)

THIS WEEK’S GUEST POSTS by Calvin Collin Vansteensel-Curry :

“My name is Calvin and I come from Goa, but I am currently studying in the Netherlands. Future journalist and wannabe Hunter S. Thompson. My instagram handle is @ichbinubermensch, (ask for explanation over a glass of wine). I hunt down tunes on blogs, collect black v necks, go fishing, ride my bike, dance to deep house, spam everyone’s feed with youtube linksm etc. I’m currently working on a college radio show. My favourite pick up line is “can I have a look at your hard disk.”


I’ve picked this one because it excites me to share such great stuff coming out of my country with all my new ‘foreign’ friends at university, some of whom are astounded that the video does not involve people running around coconut trees. Besides that, I think this is an absolutely brilliant cover of a band I love. I have also recently joined the cult of Nicholson fans, and this collaboration is great.  So I think this song, and these artists both need more recognition.



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