The Strokes : Reptilia


I am the creative director/co-founder of youth media start-up Homegrown by day, by night I DJ with my friend Paloma under the moniker AlgoRhythm, and by late night I shouldn’t mention what I do. Music is a passion, and in an attempt to push the boundaries of the Indian club lands, I enjoy experimenting and bringing in new influences, and not being cornered in to one style of music when we DJ. I also kicked off a series of nights in Mumbai in collaboration with Sohail Arora (Krunk) to give event goers an experience curating new sounds on-ground and online through our blog ‘What The Flux’. Also thanks to Varoon Nair & Paloma for showing me what music really is, otherwise I would have been listening to Linkin Park or Eminem all my life (and would have gotten a LP tattoo).


This track reminds of one of the best times in my life – the late teen years when I possibly thought nothing could ever stop me. The late night munchies, the early morning car crashes, the first music festival experience, the contraband prices being cheap, the amount of BBQs, my first event organizing experience (Hilight Tribe’s first India show at Hill Top ), the early days of BBC at Zenzi,tThe local camping trips, the Nepal/Himachal trips and much more! This song was heard possibly over 100 times during these 2-3 years !  (This one goes out to the #ChobForLife Crew)



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