Pachanga Boys : ‘Time’

THIS WEEK’S GUEST POSTS by Nowshad Rizwanullah:

Although I help run, one of India’s most popular lifestyle & entertainment blogs, I find myself horribly out of touch with good music these days. Running a startup leaves little time for anything else, and I’m sticking with that excuse. Here are a couple of tracks that popped to mind when our office-mate Vikram (Nika) asked me to contribute this week. 


There comes a time at every after-party when the collective energy starts to taper off, but people aren’t quite ready to call it quits either. I find this the most difficult time to play music – the transition between beginning and end. This track gets the job done perfectly, and I could listen to it on loop for hours. This is not the original video, but I like the scenes at the end, when the sun starts to rise over the desert at burning man.



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