Digable Planets : ‘Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)’


I’m a fashion designer based in Bombay and my connection with music is as professional as it is personal – I find it impossible to work without music and when I look back at my work through the years, I can almost hear the songs that go with everything I’ve made. I’ve subjected my tailoring staff to most of my music collection over the last couple of years and I think they are slowly getting into the less accessible stuff too which makes me very happy. 

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The song that introduced me to early 90’s hip-hop – I think I was only twelve when I first heard this track on MTV and when I did, it blew me away – what was this sound of jazz and hip-hop all blending together so smoothly? I’m not sure I even understood what rap was at the time but all I wanted back then was to visit Brooklyn when I grew up and get myself a seat at the café in this video. Never got to do that but fast forward 20 years and it still sounds as fresh and smooth as it did back then – in a bar, at a party, at work or just while doing nothing at home!



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