Sea Wolf : ‘Old Friend’


“Hey ya’ll, my name is Sam Tinnesz and I lead a band called WAVE & ROME from Nashville, TN. I would say our music is an interesting mix of nostalgic story telling set to indie rock instrumentation all connected by a single heartbeat. I love writing songs and sharing them with newly found friends. I am stoked to say that we just released our single “Across the Map” for download on Noisetrade plus 5 remixes done by Ian Keaggy, Jeremy Bose, NEVA and others, which can be found on our website.”

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Sam’s 2nd Pick : The second song is by one of my favorite artists as of late, Sea Wolf. It’s from his Old World Romance record and it’s called “Old Friend.” The acoustic guitar juxtaposed with the synthetic drum machine sounding rhythm section from the top of the tune is musical minimalism at it’s finest. The chorus is so hopeful sing song-y while having such depth to the lyrics too. Alex Church has a way of making me feel the song in my soul with lines like, “Old friend come to me, everything I was I use to be.” I probably listened to this song and entire record for all of 2012 … It’s definitely one to check out if you have never heard it!




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