Liza Anne : ‘Take it Back’

This is another artist I discovered because of Track Drops through a mail sent out by Bullhorn Publicity – the same guys who introduced me to Wave & Rome (one of my favourite songs of this year). Turns out these guys have a handful of really talented artists.

I’ve had ‘Take it Back’ on loops all day today, with round number 7 coming up in a moment. The music video is checking out, because much like the song itself, it relies on keeping things basic. A simple setup, with simple effects, and some confetti. The music and visuals are actually very effective in their simplicity. It also helps that this song has this gorgeous melody, which is definitely going to be ringing in my head for a while. I love that guitar part in the chorus, which weaves in and out between her words so effortlessly. Fans of Wye Oak, and Sylvan Esso are going to love this one!



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