Team Sleep : ‘Ever (Foreign Flag)’

I can barely contain my excitement after the announcement today that Team Sleep will be releasing a live record next month, as well as new material later this year. If you can’t figure out why I’m jumping up and down, you should know that it’s been 10 years since their last album, and their music still has a huge hold over me as it did back then – this song especially.

Instead of putting up the official music video for ‘Ever’, I’ve posted a fan made clip, which I feel perfectly captures the feeling and mood that the music evokes. The song provides me with the perfect soundtrack for any nostalgia trip, filled with hazy memories of drives at dusk. I also think that this is probably one of Chino’s finest vocal performances with melodies that could only be conjured up in a dream.

Ten years later, and this is still definitely one of my all time favourite tracks…ever.


11 thoughts on “Team Sleep : ‘Ever (Foreign Flag)’

  1. Never seen the official video but I like this one, I like that time of day mainly. Initially reminded me a tiny bit of Smashing Pumpkins. Not sure of my thoughts on the music itself, I’d have to have a few listens.

      1. I think you’re right, the video that you put up is better (much better) than the original. The tune is growing on me… slowly though lol.

          1. Yeah I like that track much better. I think it is his voice I am not sure on, I generally like distinctive voices but his I am not sure about, this track though, yeah I like that a lot.

            1. Yeah this is one my favourites. He’s actually my favourite vocalist (Chino Moreno) from one of my favourite bands – Deftones! What about you? Any favourite vocalists or bands?

              1. If you go by albums bought I guess Placebo and Radiohead are my favourite bands, although I only like about 50% of Radiohead tracks, but the ones I like I really like, Really been getting into ambient, trancy, chill tracks lately hence putting up my blog as I want to share it but also find out about other stuff in return, but of course there are rarely vocals in that genre.

                Another vocalist I really like is called Elisane, I think she is from South America (maybe Peru) and her voice is really unusual, in fact I’ll get a track up for her tomorrow, let me know what you think.


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