Luke Million : ‘Galaxy’


“I’m a pest controller, martial arts enthusiast and a wannabe world traveler. Love all kinds of music, particularly new-age electro/dance, and really hate shitty music. No one likes shitty music.”

JOSHUA’s 2nd Pick : Stumbled upon this song when listening to an electro mix. Loved the song, looked up the artist, “Luke Million” for other tracks, and was not disappointed! Great music, great beat. Get’s the party juices going just before you head out for a long-ass night. Thank you Australia! Also, a great listen while drinking & driving.


3 thoughts on “Luke Million : ‘Galaxy’

  1. A great listen while drinking & driving, wow some slack laws wherever that is.

    Nice tune though, reminds me of so many things really. Definitely pre going out tune though, good find.

    1. Haha the laws are really strict here about drinking and driving. Josh (who did the guest post) is being sarcastic! I believe he means having a drink and being driven around.

      1. haha, I hope so, otherwise beware where your walking. Having a drink and beng driven around, yanno, I don’t think I’ve ever had that experience, I may have to remedy that, may look crazy now at my age though.


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