Toadies : ‘Pressed Against the Sky’

‘Pressed Against the Sky’ is easily one of my all time favourite songs by the Toadies. I’m not sure what it is that keeps bringing me back to it, but it’s like listening to the music for the first time, every single time. Maybe it’s the simple lyrics that blend so seamlessly with the music, maybe it’s the way Todd Lewis sings ever so gently at the beginning instead of using his signature scream, maybe it’s the slow buildup of sound throughout the track, or maybe it’s that ethereal guitar leads that almost sounds like a wolf howling in the distance (trust me – try it with headphones on at the 1:40 mark and you’ll know exactly what I’m referring to). This is a highly underrated song from the ideal Alternative Rock album to close the 20th century and bring in the 21st.



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