Souls of Mischief : ’93 ‘Til Infinity’


“I’m a Musician, a positive person that loves to hang with my wife, family and my cat Jack. Always try to go surfing when I can, passionate about vegetable growing and making herbal tea. I love to write new music experimenting with different sounds. I’m actually currently learning piano and just love the sound of a piano. It’s perfect for writing.”

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Christian’s 2nd Pick : I chose this one because it’s up there with my favourites and some people may have not heard this and hopefully find it just as rad as I did. I first heard ’93 ‘Till Infinity’ on a surf DVD years ago, it may have even been a VHS. Just a timeless song with a nice cruisy feel good vibe featuring real smooth raps and nice beats. This song reminds me of surfing a lot everyday, living the carefree days.



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