BeatauCue : ‘Kiho’


Hey we are N-A-I-V-E-S based in East London but we come from all over Europe. We are excited to release our New Single “No Way” which came out on 27th November. In our music we like to create a tropical and jungle feel, uplifting vocals, rich synths and tribal drums. We’ve picked a couple of tracks that have influenced us over the last few years. Take a look :)”

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N-A-I-V-E-S’ 2nd Track Pick : BeatauCue are a DJ producer duo from France and a couple of years ago they released a song called Kiho on a Kitsune mixtape. It’s one of these songs that you don’t get tired listening too. A full sweeping instrumental rich in dynamics and powerful nuances. It’s as pumping as it is subtle and like the Little Dragon track it’s the little strange elements that make it cool. Things that you may not notice are there but actually make the track! This is something we aspire to in our songs and most of these little sounds are down to our producer/bassist Lapo. Our songs are littered with one shot synths and bizarre rhythmic hooks that we think underpin our tracks and style. It’s the kind of random soundscape you get in the jungle.



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