Deftones : ‘Around the Fur’

In anticipation of the Deftones 8th album coming out this Friday, I plan to re-visit their entire discography this entire week  – one album a day. A good starting point is Around The Fur. The title track perfectly captures the schizophrenic feel of the entire album, as the band constantly switches between the soft and the heavy, the brutal and the melodic. People who usually shy away from music that’s heavy, really should give this one a chance because there are all these gorgeous elements nestled into the music.

For example:

  • The way Abe’s drumming grabs your attention right from the very first second
  • The interplay of the drumming and the sound of someone breathing during the intro – almost like someone trying to catch their breath in anticipation of what’s to come
  • The way the vocals linger at the end of the first chorus.
  •  The way the band builds up to that insane breakdown at the 2:50 mark. This part always blows me away especially when they perform it live – the energy of the band, the music, and the crowd coming together is unmatched.

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