Deftones : ‘Risk’

In continuation of Deftones week, today’s pick is Diamond Eyes, which is their 6th album, and their 1st with new bassist Sergio Vega after the tragic accident that left former bassist Chi Cheng in a coma. It’s full of throwbacks to the music that preceded this album, and simultaneously takes several new directions with the songwriting.  This was the album to let everyone know that the Deftones were still very much the Deftones.

‘Risk’ is easily one of my favourite songs from Diamond Eyes, primarily because of the drumming, Frank Delgado’s eerie sound effects that almost sound like the pinging of a submarine’s sonar, and of course Chino’s vocals.  This music almost has an R&B feel to it, and I love the way he sings ‘I will save…” in the chorus as his vocals waver up and down. The song borrows its name from the popular board game and is a reference to all the time the band spent playing it during the recording sessions.  ‘Risk’ is a reminder of how the band has somehow always been able to take anything negative and turn it into something as stunning as this track.

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