What’s this all about?

Based in Mumbai, two of us (Punkflop & Nika) met at a mutual friend’s birthday party many years ago, and we spent the entire evening talking about music. We discovered that both of us liked many of the same artists, and we simultaneously introduced each other to a lot of new music.  That conversation was eventually taken online in the form of the blog, Track Drops.

The idea is simple –  we both post one song each every day, in the hopes that this site becomes a daily visit for people to discover, or in some cases, re-discover music.  There are countless websites which offer multiple posts and recommendations every day, and that can be a bit overwhelming. That is why we prefer to take time out every day to just focus on an individual song each, which will hopefully allow us people the time and space to actually appreciate the music.

There are no limitations in terms of genre, or era.  What’s new and trending doesn’t always necessarily mean is good.  We want to maintain an “everything goes” environment, so even if you don’t like what you hear today, you might find a completely different type of track to obsess over tomorrow.

We also feature other people’s taste in music, which can be found in our Guest Posts section. Featured guest posters range from bands, friends we know, people in the music industry, or just about anyone who is passionate about the music they listen to and want to share those tracks with other people. So if you’d like to be featured in our Guest Posts sections, drop us a line at trackdropsmusic@gmail.com or on our Facebook page.

DISCLAIMER: All of the music  featured on this site is for listening only. If you like any of the songs, please buy the albums. If you are the owner of a song or image featured on this site and would like it removed, please contact us at trackdropsmusic@gmail.com and we will gladly take them down.