The Helio Sequence : ‘Stoic Resemblance’

If you listen to any Indie Rock music, then you really should know the name Helio Sequence. They have written some of the best music from the genre.

And there’s good news! They have a new album coming out in May (plenty of time for you to catch up on their previous work) and here’s the first track from the upcoming release. This is already shaping up to be a great year for music.



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Jose Gonzalez : ‘Down the Line’

Jose Gonzalez is one of the few artists comprising of a single member, but with music that sounds like an entire 5 piece Indie Rock band, with a booming string section backing it. ‘Down the Line’ is the perfect example of what I am referring to. Close your eyes and play this song on headphones. By the time he’s done singing ‘Don’t let the darkness eat you up’, you’ll be wondering how just one man and his guitar were able to do that much damage.




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Bloc Party : ‘So Here We Are’

Bloc Party’s debut album Silent Alarm turns 10 this year. I remember when I first heard it back in college, it took me weeks of repeated listens to realize that I had been listening to a perfect album. There are very few albums that have completely floored me on first listen, and continued to blow me away many years later. White Pony by Deftones and Frances the Mute  by the Mars Volta have had a similar effect on me.

‘So Here We Are’ is one of the slower and softer songs on an album otherwise filled with machine gun paced tracks, which is why it’s perfect for a Sunday. Every time I start to listen to this track it puts me in exactly the same melancholic mood each and every time. It’s just plain beautiful.



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