Joywave : ‘Tongues’ (feat. Kopps)

My friend Arathi (who has done the Guest Posts on here before) is unwell at home, which works out great for me because she sends me music recommendations, like this track, with her extra free time.

I always had the RAC remix of ‘Tongues’ but never got around to actually checking out the original. Turns out it’s as good, if not better! It’s a great and infectious tune that works for just about any day of the week.

Also, I can’t help but think of Hot Chip at the 2 minute mark.

Also, it’s got one of the coolest and most original music videos I have seen since the 90s.

Also, let’s hope Arathi spends more time at home!



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Junip : ‘Walking Lightly’

This is definitely my next favourite track from the last Junip album after ‘Line of Fire’, which I posted earlier this week. The video perfectly captures the mood of the track, along with all the images and feelings it evokes. The lighting, the setting and the colour scheme – they’re like snapshots right out my head, as I spend my Sunday laying here listening to ‘Walking Lightly’ over and over again.



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