Sometimes we’re forced to take the high road, it’s never easy but at least this track by the Broken Bells will make the journey sound good.

Phantogram : Black Out Days (remix by Future Islands) on a Tuesday

What’s better than a song by Phantogram or Future Islands?  One that features both.  The Future Islands has managed to slow down ‘Black Out Days’ in this groovy, synth-heavy remix of a track, which one thought couldn’t sound any more awesome.  Let this be the last thing you listen to tonight before you lay your head down on that pillow.




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Bring a smile to your face this morning (courtesy of Zach). Play this loud, ideally in an open office environment.

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Klaxons : ‘It’s Not Over Yet’ on a Monday

To this day this remains my favourite Klaxons song.  With the right mix of Electronic and Punk, this is easily one of their most original and electrifying songs they have written.  If that’s not enough, the music video perfectly matches that feeling of angst and fury that the music brings with it.  Nothing better than this track to help you punch the Monday blues in the gut.




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This is Apache Relay entertaining your Monday with a live track from their self titled album. They have an easy and honest sound that is comforting and uplifting. Just what the doctor ordered for the start of the week.

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Chromeo : ‘Lost on the Way Home’ (feat. Solange) on a Sunday

Chromeo have always nailed the 80′s electro-funk sound by making it popular, relevant and danceable in the 21st century.  But then on their new album, ‘White Women’, I noticed that they slapped on this 80′s ballad which is a nice little surprise. It’s 100% Pop, and while you might not be able to dance to it, you won’t be able to get the tune out of your head.




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Sunday’s with friends and lovers.  An easy breezy track from the ’70′s that promises to help you reminisce.

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1936 – PHOX

Music to listen to while you get yourself ready for the night out. Sweet and melodic, just like our trackdrops’ listeners.

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tUnE-yArDs : ‘Wait For a Minute’ on a Saturday

I’m used to listening to songs by Tune-Yards which are off beat, almost Hip-Hoppish, and sometimes just plain weird.  Don’t get me wrong, those are all the qualities which make their sound unique. But at the same time, it’s refreshing to hear their take on a straightforward piece of music. ‘Wait for a minute’ is soulful, melodic and just plain beautiful.  This is just further proof that Tune-Yards can be schizophrenic in their writing, but still remain extremely listenable.






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Klaxons : ‘There is No Other Time’ on a Friday

Just yesterday I mentioned in my post about how I am wary of any artist’s sophmore release especially if their debut album was ace.  Why?  Well, Klaxons is a perfect example.  Their first album was nothing short of groundbreaking. Their second?  Not so great.  In fact, it was pretty damn boring.

But what’s interesting is that with their latest release, they’ve come to terms with what made them unique in the beginning, and they have let those qualities run wild on their third album, while simultaneously turning up the ‘dance’ factor just a tad.

The music video for ‘There is No Other Time’ perfectly embodies what the music on the new album is all about.  While it might not be groundbreaking, the music is still worth a few spins.




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