Team Sleep : ‘Formant (Live Woodstock Session)’

‘Formant’ was never officially released by Team Sleep, yet to this day it remains one of my favourite tracks by Chino Moreno’s side project, and might just be one of my all time favourite tracks to listen to when I’m by myself. It stirs up a number of emotions and most of all makes me feel nostalgic for moments in my life that took place during twilight. ‘Formant’ is one song that I’m glad they kept instrumental, because it’s just perfect as it is.

Team Sleep just officially released this live version of the song that they recorded during the Woodstock Sessions last year. It’s  crisp and sounds great on speakers or headphones – perfect for Sunday evening listening.

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St. Lucia : ‘We Got It Wrong’

I’m feeling slightly under the weather today, but instead of posting something mellow, I’m going with positive thoughts and this high-energy, feel good upper from St. Lucia. It does have one of the most WTF music videos accompanied by lyrics which are not exactly uplifting. But who cares?! The music is pure synth-pop goodness.

Come to think of it, I’m starting to feel better already.

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Thundercat : ‘Them Changes’ (Oliver Nelson remix)

If Oliver Nelson drops a new remix on Soundcloud, it means I’m going to have a very good week, and an even better weekend. This delicious, funky remix of Thundercat’s ‘Them Changes’ is all you’re going to need for company tonight. Oh, and it’s a free mp3 download! It’s a Friday that keeps giving and giving.


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Failure : ‘Another Space Song’

Back in high-school, I had this song on repeat week after week. It’s just one of those tracks that I keep coming back to, but it has been a while so it’s time to binge on it once again. This is easily one of my all time favourite ‘space-y’ songs. Everything about it makes me feel like I’m spinning in orbit, from the fuzzy guitars, to the robot-like drumming, to the lyrics. Make yourself a cup of tea, grab those headphones, and put this song on repeat for the next half hour. It’s the next best thing to meditation.

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Filous : ‘How Hard I Try’ (feat. James Hersey) [RAC Mix]

You’d think after the many, many remixes that RAC has put out in the past, they’d start to sound a little stale and repetitive. Well, this reworking of ‘How Hard I Try’ is proof that they possess a bottomless bag of tricks and treats, as they go into slightly new territory with this super laid back mix. Let the daydreaming at work begin.

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Grand National : ‘Boner’

I completely forgot about Grand National until I recently heard this song being used on an episode of Entourage. And to think that they were a band I had on constant rotation every week between 2004 and 2009.  It definitely feels good to revisit their music, because that first album of theirs, Kicking the National Habit, was nothing short of perfection. I have to thank my friend Sailen for putting me onto it, ’cause it never failed to put me in a good mood.

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