Junip : ‘Walking Lightly’

This is definitely my next favourite track from the last Junip album after ‘Line of Fire’, which I posted earlier this week. The video perfectly captures the mood of the track, along with all the images and feelings it evokes. The lighting, the setting and the colour scheme – they’re like snapshots right out my head, as I spend my Sunday laying here listening to ‘Walking Lightly’ over and over again.



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Death From Above 1979 : ‘Right On, Frankenstein!”

The last Death From Above 1979 album which was released last year, after a 10 year wait, was easily one of my favourite releases of 2014. It’s everything I wanted from this band and much, much more.

Take this track for instance. It’s gritty, fast-paced and doesn’t hold back on the best parts of their signature sound. And just when you think you’ve been beaten around the room enough, they drop that breakdown at 2:15 onwards. Holy god damn, that bass!

By the way, that’s just 2 people making all that beautiful noise with a bass and drum-kit.



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Junip : ‘Line of Fire’

It looks like this week is all about me catching up on music from the past two years that has been sitting in my iTunes library unheard. On today’s menu : Junip’s album from 2013.

I’m a big fan of Jose Gonzalez as you may already know from my posts in the last month, and I’ve always mentioned how he doesn’t need a band to create powerful music with just his voice and guitar. However, when you put him in one, the results are fantastic.

‘Line of Fire’ is shaping up to be my favourite song from the new album so far, and I distinctly remember hearing it during a preview for the Breaking Bad finale. The build up of the track (3:56 onwards) had my hair standing during my morning drive to work…and back again.



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Craft Spells : ‘Dwindle’

My friend Hersh has been mentioned on several occasions due to his music recommendations, which are always on point. So, he recommended the band Craft Spells last year, and I only got around to listening to the album this week.

Turns out that I’ve already got a favourite track – ‘Dwindle’. This is recommended listening for if you’re pool-side, driving to or from work, lounging at home or outdoors, about to take a nap, out for a walk.. You get the idea – it goes with almost every (in)activity.



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