The Velvet Teen : ‘No Star’

If you like guitars, then this song is definitely for you. I fell in love with this track ever since the singer of Braid & Hey Mercedes, Bob Nanna, posted it a few years ago. It’s just so …ununsual, with the different guitar parts, the vocals harmonies, the unusual rhythm, and of course that mad-man drumming.

And talk about a video being perfect for a song… especially with that breakdown at the end.

It takes a few listens to fully unravel the genius songwriting behind the music, but it’s completely worth the wait.


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tUnE-yArDs : ‘Bizness’

This woman definitely has one of the most original voices in the music industry, and I love how she amplifies it through her offbeat songwriting. This is a great music video too, and goes so well with the music. Seeing those kids scream out the words is definitely something I’ll always think about from now on every time I listen to this track.


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Aaliyah : ‘Rock the Boat’ (Du Tonc re-work)

What could be better than an amazing remix on a Friday? How about a free mp3 download of an amazing remix on a Friday? Every single track that Du Tonc (consisting of Matt Van Schie from Van She & Mighty Mouse) has put out on their Soundcloud page so far has been absolutely stunning. If you are a 90’s child, you’ll remember how Aaliyah dominated the R&B scene back in the day. Well, this is Du Tonc doing complete justice to her music and legacy by bringing it into the 21st century.


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