The Maccabees : ‘Something Like Happiness’

If you listen to this song a few times while paying attention to a different single instrument each time, you’ll find that there are all these small, beautiful things going on to create that wonderful noise together. This has to be one of my favourite songs from the new Maccabees album. So much so that I’ve played it at least 7 times today. I guess the title of the track perfectly describes the kind of mood it puts me in.

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French Horn Rebellion (feat. the Knocks) : ‘Love is Dangerous (Chrome Canyon remix)’

If you happen to be in Mumbai tonight, stop by for the adidas Originals #ZXFlux Launch Party to hear me play pretty much all the tunes I keep plugging on Track Drops, including this funky remix from Chrome Canyon. And if you’re not, well it’s still a damn fine track to listen to today.

French Horn Rebellion and the Knocks in the same sentence – you don’t need anything else to get you in the mood for the upcoming weekend.

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