Kevin Drew : ‘Bullshit Ballad’

I finally got around to listening to Kevin Drew’s (from Broken Social Scene) last album, which was released in 2014 and this was the song that immediately caught my attention. It’s got this very Bruce Springsteen / 1980’s Rock sound to it, with of the Broken Social Scene / Indie Rock layer which crashes through like a wave at the 1:45 and the 2:50 marks. This must, must, must be listened to on loud.

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Sparta : ‘While Oceana Sleeps’

Man, I haven’t listened to this song since my college days! It’s from one of those albums that I binged on for a full year, and I always couldn’t wait to get to this song.  I love the bass line throughout, and Jim Ward is one of those vocalists who actually sounds even better when he strains his vocals.

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