French Horn Rebellion (feat. the Knocks) : ‘Love is Dangerous (Chrome Canyon remix)’

If you happen to be in Mumbai tonight, stop by for the adidas Originals #ZXFlux Launch Party to hear me play pretty much all the tunes I keep plugging on Track Drops, including this funky remix from Chrome Canyon. And if you’re not, well it’s still a damn fine track to listen to today.

French Horn Rebellion and the Knocks in the same sentence – you don’t need anything else to get you in the mood for the upcoming weekend.

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Foo Fighters : ‘Savior Breath’

Earlier this week, the Foo Fighters released a free EP consisting of 5 new tracks out of the blue (available at

I’m still working my way through it, but ‘Savior Breath’ immediately caught my attention.

It’s fast, it’s heavy, it’s gnarly, it’s Punk. What’s not to love?



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Foals : ‘London Thunder’

This is another song from the new Foals album that I’ve grown to really like. The track is definitely aptly titled, as all I can think about is listening to this song on a rainy evening. There’s also something about the music that reminds me of the xx. Perhaps it’s the simplistic approach that the band has taken, with a complete focus on the melody.

I’ve posted the original version as well as a live recording of ‘London Thunder’. Both are worth checking out because on the original version the guitars are a lot more prominent, whereas it’s the synthesiser that really stands out on the live recording.

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Big Data (feat. Lizy Ryan) : ‘Let Go’ [RAC Cover]

What do you get when a band like Big Data covers an artist like RAC? Well, probably your new favourite track for the week. This belongs to a split single, in which RAC also covers Big Data’s popular track ‘Dangerous’.  (The two are also currently touring together.)

RAC’s cover is also good, but it sounds like, well, a cover. Whereas, Big Data has taken the essence of the original of ‘Let Go’, reworked it, and twisted it into their own song completely. This has the right kind of energy to get any work week kickstarted.

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Arcade Fire : ‘Get Right’

‘Get Right’ is a new song by Arcade Fire taken from their documentary The Reflektor Tapes which was released earlier this year.  And while I don’t really care for most of the other new songs on the EP, this one might actually be one of their all time best. It’s their version of a Blues track, but in true Arcade Fire fashion, they switch into Indie mode at the 2 minute mark as they turn up the synth and create this fantastic instrumental, Indie groove.

It’s so damn easy on the ears, and I can only imagine how great this must sound live.

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Puscifer : ‘The Remedy’

This is the 2nd song that I’m posting from the new Puscifer album Money Shot. ‘The Remedy’ was not one of my favourite tracks initially, but somehow the music kind of opened up and started to breathe a little more when I watched the music video for it. Each instrument suddenly sounded a lot more clear and poignant, and I suddenly noticed that beautiful little interlude at the 1:45 mark.

It’s impossible not to draw parallels with the music and video for ‘Judith’ by A Perfect Circle (another band fronted by Maynard James Keenan), which is definitely a good thing.

Also I have to say there’s something deeply satifying about hearing MJK belt out the lyrics :

“You speak like someone who has never been
Smacked in the fucking mouth
That’s OK, we have the remedy
You speak like someone who has never been
Knocked the fuck on out
But we have your remedy”

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