Big Grams : ‘Fell in the Sun’

If you wish hard enough for something, it might actually come true. For years I’ve been saying that Phantogram’s music and production, especially on their track ‘Fall in Love’, are perfect for sampling by a Hip Hop artist.

Well the music Gods have listened to my prayers because Phantogram have collaborated with Big Boi from Outkast and released an album together under the name ‘Big Grams’. And to further sweeten the deal, my favourite track from the album, ‘Fell in the Sun’ is basically a Hip Hop rendition of ‘Fall in Love’.

I shall now take a break from folding my hands, sit back, and smile with deep satisfaction to myself, while this song plays on repeat.

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Color Palette : ‘Rain’

We have a lot of music sent in to us on a daily basis, most of which is not very good. However, there are a few artists that really blow us away, including the Washington D.C. based band Color Palette. ‘Rain’ sounds like a Peter Gabriel song, remixed by Big Black Delta, with a chorus that reminds me of the Deftones song ‘Risk’. However, that’s not to say that these guys don’t have their own original sound. Their big electro-rock sound and catchy choruses are the reasons why I’m going to be keeping a close eye on this band.


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