Poema : ‘Forget You in LA’

Bullhorn Publicity is on a roll right now with the music they’ve been sharing with us. So far every band that they’ve introduced us to have been absolutely on point including Wave & Rome & Liza Anne (both featured on Track Drops this year), and now Poema. What starts of as an slow, sentimental ballad about heartbreak, turns into one of the catchiest Indie Pop songs I’ve heard this year. That chorus is going to be stuck in your head for days.

If you’re looking for a song about heartbreak and running away to another city to forget the past, this is a good soundtrack to accompany you as you plot your escape.




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Catlips : ‘Fade’ (Roland Tings remix)

The way Roland Tings​ has been able to transform this song by Catlips​ is mind-blowing. This is such a trip and plays out like one fantastic build up. It starts off as this low-lying, unassuming track, only to pull you out of that slumber from 2:25 onwards. A Friday must listen!


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The Vaccines : ‘Stranger’

Funnily enough, one of my favourite songs from the Vaccines album is this unexpected little charmer of a bonus track from the album. It’s one of their strongest tunes, and deserves to be on the actual album.

Only the calmest and most soothing of thoughts come to mind with this playing in the background. On a crazy work day like today, it’s exactly what the doctor ordered.


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There truly are some awesome tapes in Africa, from the disco pop of Kenya and Nigeria to the soul and rock of Central Africa, right down to the electronica and indie sounds from South Africa.  This high energy track from Ata Kak will give you that caffeine kick as you hurl towards the end of the week.

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